terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2015

Missed Queen

Tonight I cleaned up the castle
It's all clean and sweet smelling
But it seems that everything is a mess
once again, we want a home
At the moment, that's just a house

We're play everyday since you left
But isn't fun 'cause we don't feel blessed
Hard to leave when it's fundamental
Find a form to smile again
We wonder what you're doing now
Where you are?

What you're doing
Where you going

I do all then it all again
missing you every single moment
We see your face in every single corner
Every noise he stands at the door
Thinking that's you coming back to us
And my heart stops

Take this chance to be trully happy
Hard as hell just to comprehend it
Hope you're smilling right now
Hope that all of our heart
What you're doing
Where you going

What you're doing
Where you going

We both want to tell her
Tell her that we love her
Our castle used to have two Queens
But now there's only one
We both want to kiss her
Tell her how much we miss her
Where's our other queen?
Best queen we've ever seen

It's been a while I can see
All this pain to see you feeling free
But certainly we still don't believe
In God we put all our fear
Now that it's the time for you to leave
Little Beautiful Baby Messy Queen 
Our love, our love

And now it's time for you to go
What we gonna do now I still don't know
Where would we be wihout you, C
Little Beautiful Baby Messy Queen
Our love, our love

We hope you're living your sugar dream
Our beloved queen you'll always be
A kiss goodbye before you leave
Little Beautiful Baby Messy Queen
Is love,C
His love
My love
Our love